A 50-Page Lunar Bible Text-Fragment

Flown To Lunar Orbit on Apollo 13
And Flown To The Lunar Surface on Apollo 14
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50 Page Text Fragment Housed in Fabergé Egg - Comes with Edgar Mitchell & James W Stout Certification

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The "Lunar Bible" represents the first Bible, the first complete scripture, and the first published book ever carried by Man to landfall on the Moon. A complete Lunar Bible contains all 1245-pages of the King James Bible, and was printed as a miniature "Microform" book out of necessity, given the size and weight constraints for flight to the lunar surface.

One hundred complete copies of the Lunar Bible landed on the Moon during Apollo 14 in the personal "PPK" bag of Moonwalker Edgar D. Mitchell (after having been previously flown to the Moon aboard the Apollo 13 mission). The Bible from which this text-fragment originates thus flew to the Moon twice, having circled it once on Apollo 13 and then accomplishing its purpose by landing on the Moon during Apollo 14! It then spent three days housed in the Lunar Module "Antares", where it resided under the one-sixth gravity of the Moon and was exposed directly to the lunar environment each time the hatch was opened for moonwalks.

After the mission, a portion of the complete Bibles were carefully segmented into both 50- page and 2-page sizes by Reverend John M. Stout to maximize the potential number of recipients. This was the exact approach taken with the Gutenberg Bible, whereas two defective copies (the "Trier II" and "Noble Fragment" copies) were segmented into individual books and leaves due to the scarcity of complete copies. Indeed, there are numerous parallels between the Gutenberg Bibles and the Lunar Bible!

The accompanying 50-page copy is one of only 32 examples that were officially flight-certified by both astronaut Mitchell and James W. Stout, former "Apollo Prayer League Governing Committee" member, during the "Lunar Bible Certification Project" (A.D. 2000 - 2001) and then encapsulated in modern Faberge' Eggs!

The astronaut flight-certified Faberge'-encased examples (this copy) occasionally appear at auction, the last one acheiving just under $17,000.00 in November 2013 at RR. This lot has profound significance not only to space collectors as a twice-flown and once-landed lunar artifact, but also to the religious, rare book, and even the Masonic community as astronaut Edgar Mitchell is a Freemason. This is also the example that bears the distinguished provenance as being the copy that was on display within the "Lunar Bible Exhibit" personally opened by Edgar Mitchell in 2006, and photographed with Mitchell the evening the exhibit opened! This fragment was then on constant display from 2006 until 2014, during which time it was viewed by countless visitors to the museum.

Several of the thirty-two Faberge-encased copies are already permanently of the market, with a copy having been acquired by the State of Georgia for their rare-book holdings, and two more in the personal space collection of Edgar Mitchell and James W. Stout. It is likely that many of the fully-certified Faberge' encased-copies will be permanently institutionalized within a generation or two, given their profound historical and religious importance.

You may also read "The Story of the First Lunar Bible" on-line at

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