Set of 4 Apollo Medallions Minted With Flown To The Moon Metal

4 Medallions: Apollo 12 - Apollo 13 - Apollo 15 - Apollo 17
All contain metal flown to the Moon

Each medallion measures 1.75 inch diameter and contains metal that was flown to the moon. The Apollo 12, Apollo 13 and Apollo 15 contains metal flown to lunar orbit, while the Apollo 17 Medallion contains metal flown to the Lunar Surface. (For more info on each medallion click on the links above)

Both sides of each medallion are rendered in 3D with a black enamel ring behind the text.

The Medallions were minted by space medallion specialists, Winco International.

Each medallion comes housed in a protective circular plastic case and with a plastic stand, plus a Moonpans COA card.


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Or to buy individual medallions, go to Apollo 12, Apollo 13, Apollo 15

4 Medallions - Price: $99

For Wholesale Orders - Please Email us

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