40 inch Apollo 16 Station 10 Prime Guided Tour
Hand signed and labelled by Charlie Duke

Apollo 16 Station 10 Prime Guided Tour Pan 40x8inch

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Hand written inscriptions and hand signed by Lunar Module Pilot Charlie Duke, in silver ink on Fuji Crystal Archive Photographic Paper. Station 10 Prime was one of the last stops on the final EVA before heading back to the LM. John Young can be seen aligning the High Gain Antenna towards Earth.

Charlie has hand signed the print 'Charlie Duke , Apollo 16 LMP' and hand written the following inscriptions, "Orion, Lunar Rake, Low Gain Antenna, High Gain Antenna, John (Young), Stone Mountain and ALSEP (Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package)

Discounted versions of this signed pan with mild to moderate dings are available via email

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