Neil Armstrong Autograph

Neil Armstrong Signed Presentation

Comes with Steve Zarelli COA

Price: SOLD

A magnificent large framed piece featuring a Neil Armstrong signed piece of graph paper, which has affixed to it 4 'lunar 69' Mexican Stamps and a 10c 'First Man On The Moon' stamp, below which the typed words that Armstrong made whilst stepping on to the Lunar Surface, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind - Neil Armstrong"

Above the signature is a 20 inch wide Moonpans panorama of the Apollo 11 landing site which includes the only high quality photo taken of Armstrong on the Moon, he can be seen at the right hand side working at the MESA (Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly)

The frame is supplied with UV protective Acrylic glass and uses Acid free mounts. Also contained in the frame are two AB Emblem 4 inch patches.

The overall framed size is approx 24" x 22.5"

The Armstrong signature comes with a COA from Astronaut Autograph Authenticator, Steve Zarelli, plus a Moonpans COA for the whole piece.

If you would like to purchase this piece, please email us

close up of the signature and stamps

If you would like to purchase this Neil Armstrong Signed Presentation, please email us

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